Cameras and Accessories

The Leo's Advantage

Leo's Camera Shop sells Nikon, Canon, Fuji and Olympus Digital Cameras with all the latest "have to have" accessories. What sets Leo's apart is our personal attention. We're selling you more than a camera, card and bag. We're selling you an imaging solution tailored to your needs. For that reason we don't sell our products online. We want to you meet with you personally and access your needs to give you the choices you need to make the right decision. Thousands of satisfied customers agree.


"I've always appreciated the professional, friendly service I receive at Leo's. However, I really understood the value of hometown service after an online purchasing experience this year. Steve sold me a great little Canon that I used for work purposes, and I liked it so much I wanted one for myself. Unfortunately, Canon had discontinued the camera, and Steve could not get another for me. I found one online and was surprised by the low advertised price. What I didn't know was that the company would not send the camera to me, until after I spoke with a representative on the phone. After several minutes of haggling over extras I didn't want or need, I finally needed to get off the phone for a meeting. The salesperson had no intention of finalizing my sale until I had the extras he in good consciousness couldn't let me forget. I ended up paying more for the camera and unnecessary extras than I'd paid for the original at Leo's. I know my next camera purchase will be with Steve and his fine staff."

Valeree Lane, O.I.T. Director of Public Relations