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Springtime Camera Tune-Up

Do a Battery Checkup

Celebrate Thanksgiving

Celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday with family and friends, but don't miss out on capturing some wonderful images too! From the turkey itself to your Thanksgiving table, this time of year can be a wonderful and colorful time to take photographs. Here are some settings and subjects that are sure to yield great images...

Fall Foliage.
The warm, rich colors found outdoors during this time of year make for amazing shots. Fall leaves make for simple beautiful background.

Spooktacular Jack O Lantern Shots

The light used to illuminate the outside of the pumpkin
and that of the candles inside is a delicate balance. Ideally
you'll want to capture the candles glow from within the
pumpkin, but still be able to see the outside of the
pumpkin itself.

If you use a flash, you'll over light the surface of the pumpkin
and drown out the light from the candles inside.

Turn the flash on your camera off, you don't want it. To help

Back to School

It's Back to School time and that
means more great photo opps of your kids.
Not only do you have the chance to capture
shots from the first days of school, but you
also have the bright colors of Fall just around
the corner, begging to be photographed.

The first day of school is a great time to
photographically document your growing child.
Use backpacks and lunches as 'props' in your
photos. Also, don't leave the younger children
out. Be sure to include them in some 'back to
school' shots with their older siblings.

7/13/09 - Bits, Bytes and Colors

Do you really understand Bits and Bytes?

A bit is a binary digit - the basic unit of information storage. The bit is also a unit of measurement, the information capacity of one binary digit. A single bit is a one or a zero.

1. A byte (abbreviation: B) consists of eight bits

2. A Kilobyte (KB) is 1024 bytes

3. A Megabyte (MB) is 1024 Kilobytes

4. A Gigabyte (GB) is 1024 Megabytes

5. A Terabyte (TB) is 1024 Gigabytes

6. A Petabyte (PB) is 1024 Terabytes

7. An Exabyte (EB) is 1024 Petabytes

8. A Zettabyte (ZB) is 1024 Exabytes

2/6/09 - Photography is more than Digital

Photography is more than Digital

3/23/09 - PMA 2009

3/23/09 - PMA 2009

It has been very busy after PMA this year. Sorry for the delay in my blog. Lots of information to process also.

2/23/09 - PMA 2009 preview

2/23/09 - PMA 2009 preview

2/16/09 - Post Winter Wings Festival

2/16/09 - Post Winter Wings Festival

What a great weekend! I'm a bit tired but we had great time. Everything came together and we helped a lot of photographers better learn photography and their cameras.

Thursday afternoon the Canon people arrived and got checked in to their rooms then they came down to visit the store. I had arranged for Jerry Ingram to give the group a tour of the Lower Klamath Refuge Friday morning so I informed them of their schedule. They were excited at the opportunity.

2/9/09 - Winter Wings Festival Coming

2/9/09 - Winter Wings Festival Coming

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