1/26/09 - Last year in Photography

Last year in Photography

It's hard to believe that it's 2009. I know that I've been a little slow to get this blog thing going, but for the new year, I will try to be more diligent.

At this time of year I often look back at what happened last year and then I try to figure out what's next. Today, I'm going to look back at 2008, my life in photography and next time I'll let you know what's coming in 2009.

Last year we saw the introduction of wireless SD cards, increased mega pixels in cameras, Image Stabilization/Vibration Reduction in most all cameras, Face detection became standard in all point and shoots, and more developments in computation photography. All these technological advancements and still the prices of products came down. All good things for the photographer.

At Leo's Camera Shop we had a pretty good year, even with all the financial troubles world wide. Last February we hosted a great event with Canon USA at the Winter Wings Festival and in July we put on a Canon Discovery Day workshop. I guess our approach last year was one of education. It seems like of lot of people are hungry for knowledge and we have a lot of that to share with our customers. I did 5 rounds of my Camera Classes that were well attended. We printed a ton of photos and lots of posters. We also introduced printing photos on Canvas which was a big hit. Christmas Cards we very popular in November and December. It seems hard to believe that we did all that we did in just one year.

One of my other duties last year was as president of the Klamath Camera Club. It was a great year for the club. We had several great presentations at our club meetings. We competed in the Columbia Council of Camera Clubs(4Cs) competitions in May, Nov., and Dec. We did very well, receiving several awards of merit. The club hosted a members show on the August Third Thursday evening. We started a Nikon Users Group and a Canon Users Group for more focused sharing of ideas about those type of SLR cameras. Interest in the club continues to grow and people are having a ton of fun. The club ended the year with a festive Christmas Party at Ben Vallejos Studio.

Also last year I attended two conferences in Las Vegas that kept me abreast of industry trends. The Photo Marketing Association (PMA) trade show was in January and the Independent Photo Imagers (IPI) annual conference was in August of 2008. Both show were great and I learned a lot at each one. Our industry is wonderful for sharing ideas and the friends I meet at these conferences are invaluable to my business.

So there's a brief look at last year. Next time I'll look to the future, What's coming this year. Until then get out and picture something.