2/23/09 - PMA 2009 preview

2/23/09 - PMA 2009 preview

Well, It's almost that time of year again. The largest gathering of imaging professionals in the world happens at the Photo Marketing Association (PMA) International Convention and Trade Show 2009. The buzz is very low this year and if some company wanted to make huge splash, this might be the year to do that. PMA traditional has between 25 to 30 thousand attendees, you could fit 10 football fields in the trade show area and there are over 300 educational seminars. This year it is expected to be a bit smaller. Many of my vendor will not be attending and I've heard from many of my colleagues that they are going to pass this year as well.

I guess I think a little differently than others. I see every PMA as a great learning opportunity. I get ideas that help guide my business. I find the information I get from the show invaluable. The networking and idea sharing is tremendously valuable and it's something you just don't get when you stay home. And really it's just totally cool to pickup the new cameras before they come out in the stores.

So what can we expect this year. With most of the major camera manufacturers facing tough times and desperately cutting costs I'm not holding my breath for any big surprises. Which will, of course, make them doubly welcome should there actually be any. In the DSLR market there may only be one or two announcements. With the increased sales of DSLR over the past couple of years, lens should be very popular this year. HD video integration into cameras will continue. Compact digitals will see upgrades but little significant changes.

Nikon's new compact digitals: P90, S630, S620, S230, S220, L100 and L20. Mostly upgrades in mega pixels. The only standout is the P90 which boasts a 24x zoom lens.

Canon's new compact digitals: SX1is, SX200is, D10, SD970is, SD960is, SD780is, SD1200is, A2100is, A1100is, and A480. Like Nikon these are mostly upgrades in mega pixels. The SX1is will be fully HD compatible and also have RAW file setting. The D10 will be the first compact digital from Canon that is waterproof and rugged.

Next week I'll be at the PMA 2009 convention in Las Vegas, so I won't have a blog that week. Stay tuned to March 9 and I'll let you know how the show went for me.