3/23/09 - PMA 2009

3/23/09 - PMA 2009

It has been very busy after PMA this year. Sorry for the delay in my blog. Lots of information to process also.

PMA is always a great place to get up to date and this year was no different. It's always great to see my old friends and meet new ones, too. The size of the show was much smaller then in the past but it has generated many new ideas in my head. It was a special year for my grandfather and I because we were featured in a video about a student's vision of PMA2009. We met him the first evening of the show at a reception and he was very interested in Leo. He asked him a lot of questions and asked if he could interview him the next day. He followed us around taking pictures and interviewed both us that day. As far as I knew he was doing a school project. It turned out on the last morning at our official business meeting before the trade show opened, the video was played to open the meeting.


It was a great honor to be a part of PMA history, a PMA show that I won't soon forget.

PMA is however a showcase for technology but 2009 was a little less ground breaking than in years past. Changes in digital photography were occurring so quickly that I think my expectations are getting greater each year and now it's possible that the technology has matured, making changes occur more slowly. I guess I can look back at the computer industry and we see a similar progression. So here's a list of what I saw this year that caught my attention.

Optera table top tripods from Trektech of Portland. It's similar to the gorilla pod but the legs are covered in neoprene and leather making it grip.

A very impressive 5 foot by 40 foot panoramic image of Yosemite valley. Shot from Eleven locations all around the same time.

Custom Bobble heads, Yes that's right you supply them with a picture and they will create a 3D bobble head with that image. It wasn't that expensive either. Get one for around $40.

The Sigma 200-500 f2.8 lens is available for purchase for only $34,000.00. It weights 34 pounds.

Holga heaven….It seems now you can get a Holga in just about any color for around $40.00.

Bling you camera. Now you can put your image on your camera as a sticker with the correct cut outs for the camera.

GPS for any SLR. This device stores GPS locations and matches them up to the images you take.

And yes, I predicted a swivel monitor on an SLR in 2009...It's on the Olympus E-620.

And Finally, The thing I thought was neatest product I saw was a small LCD cleaning pad that adheres to your device. Just stick it on your PDA, phone or camera and it's always with you. I'm looking into getting these because I think it's a great idea.