Celebrate Thanksgiving

Celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday with family and friends, but don't miss out on capturing some wonderful images too! From the turkey itself to your Thanksgiving table, this time of year can be a wonderful and colorful time to take photographs. Here are some settings and subjects that are sure to yield great images...

Fall Foliage.
The warm, rich colors found outdoors during this time of year make for amazing shots. Fall leaves make for simple beautiful background.

Family Shots.
If your family doesn't gather very often, this is the perfect opportunity to take a more formal style photo. So, coordinate your clothing, set up a tripod and shoot in a non-distracting setting like your backyard or a park.

Family Fun.
Many families enjoy things like football games, shopping or local parades during Thanksgiving weekend. Capture some fun images at these events and don't forget to include the children.

Thanksgiving Feast.
There are many options for photographing your Thanksgiving feast. Try making the turkey the focal point by raising it up on the table and keep large in your frame. Experiment with different angles and zoom techniques to produce a variety of shots of the table.