My First Blog

My First Blog

It's truly amazing how quickly technology has changed our lives. This year I decided it was time to update our presences on the Internet so I could better communicate what makes Leo's Camera Shop so special. I wanted it to be exciting and fun, much like our store. I wanted to create a photography information center that people could visit for knowledge. I wanted it to look professional. And, I wanted it to be fun. Yes, I know I said fun twice. Photography is my passion and I want to share it. Anyway, I hired a startup web design company, Linkville Web Design. I outlined my goals and they advised me in the ways of the web. "You have to do a blog" they told me. I told them that I didn't think anyone wants to read what I have to write. They assured me that people will and that's what makes Leo's different than other retailers. So here I am with my first ever blog.

You may be thinking, who is this guy that runs Leo's Camera Shop, so I thought I'd give you my history. I was born in Klamath Falls, Oregon some time ago. . . let's just say it was sometime before the current hospital was built. My young mother was the daughter of Leo and Claris Morstad. Shortly after I was born we moved all around the country for my father's college education, master's degree, internship and finally his career in the high tech computer field. We landed in the San Francisco Bay area.

I went to grade school and middle school in California before moving back to Klamath Falls where I became a Henley Hornet. After graduating high school, I went on to Park College in Missouri on an academic and track scholarship. As I studied photography, I was side tracked by video production. I graduated college Magna Cum Laude in Communications/Television. Shortly after graduating I landed a job with a cable company doing video production. After a year I was promoted to supervisor and life in the Midwest was getting quite comfortable, although I missed the mountains and Pacific Ocean. So I packed up and moved back to the San Francisco Bay Area to look for video work.

I took a job with a production company south of San Francisco and things were great. After 10 years as an online editor in video production, I was getting burned out of being caged in a dark room with about 20 video monitors. The stress of the area was wearing on my senses and I needed a change.

My grandfather, Leo, had always dreamed about me coming back to Klamath Falls to take over the family business. I thought it was the right time, so I moved back to give it a try. The plan was for me to be a regular employee. This would give me a chance to learn the business and see if this was something I could do and love. It was a bit of an adjustment going from the fast paced, high tech world of video to a hometown specialty camera shop. It was wonderful, almost natural for me. After being an employee for a year and half, Grandpa and I decided on the terms for the transition of ownership. After we worked it all out, I took over ownership of Leo's Camera Shop in 1998.

Over the past ten years I've learned a lot and continue to learn in this ever-changing industry of photography. I attend at least two industry conferences a year and share ideas with several other business owners I've come to know. I have been appointed an international committee for the photographic industry for small market retail specialty stores. And, I spend countless hours listening to customers about what they want. I guess now that I think about it, I do know a lot.

Wow, my first blog. I hope you enjoyed reading it. In the future, I plan to highlight industry news, cool new products, photographic techniques, imaging processing trends, and my opinions on what is happening in the imaging industry. I hope you'll stay tuned!

Steve Spencer, President, Leo's Camera Shop