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2/2/09 - This year in Photography

This year in Photography

January has come and gone. It seems like time just keeps going faster. And technology in digital photography is no different. It used to be that you purchase a camera and it was many years before you out grew it or needed another camera. Not so with digital cameras. I guess we can liken them to the computer. When you first get a new digital camera you're amazed at the quality and speed. After a couple years of use they seem slow and everyone around you seems to have better one.

1/26/09 - Last year in Photography

Last year in Photography

It's hard to believe that it's 2009. I know that I've been a little slow to get this blog thing going, but for the new year, I will try to be more diligent.

At this time of year I often look back at what happened last year and then I try to figure out what's next. Today, I'm going to look back at 2008, my life in photography and next time I'll let you know what's coming in 2009.

My First Blog

My First Blog

It's truly amazing how quickly technology has changed our lives. This year I decided it was time to update our presences on the Internet so I could better communicate what makes Leo's Camera Shop so special. I wanted it to be exciting and fun, much like our store. I wanted to create a photography information center that people could visit for knowledge. I wanted it to look professional. And, I wanted it to be fun. Yes, I know I said fun twice. Photography is my passion and I want to share it.

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