Used Equipment

Consignment of Used Equipment

While used equipment is not our primary business we will sell your used equipment on consignment. We accept consignment products only after a careful evaluation of the equipment. If you decide not to consign your equipment with us there will be a $17 appraising fee. We offer two commission levels for consigned equipment. The first level is 70% for you and 30% for Leo's Camera Shop for used equipment that you'd like to sell out right. The second level is for consignment with purchase of new equipment and that is 85% for you and 15% for Leo's. Payment for the sale of consigned items will be processed after the sales transaction is complete. There is no time limit for how long your consigned equipment can remain on our shelves and you may pick up consigned equipment anytime after a reasonable inital sales period. While we do not guarantee that we can sell your product, we do have a lot of customers who stop in just to see what we have. It's a great way to get rid of equipment that's just sitting around not being used.