About Us

At Leo’s Camera Shop we know how frustrating taking pictures can be. Our Mission has always been to help our customers by providing solutions to their imaging needs. Let’s face it, we’re making history….your history. Shouldn’t you remember it as vividly as when you experienced it? We can help. With our knowledgeable staff and high quality equipment we strive to provide the highest quality products and services in the industry. If we can’t do it right…we won’t do it. Experience the difference.


Leo’s Camera Shop opened it’s doors for business in April of 1953. Leo Morstad partnered with V.V. Vaupel and Karl Gentry of Tulelake to start his very own camera shop in downtown Klamath Falls. With darkroom help from his wife Claris, Leo developed a company philosophy of helping his customers take better pictures. By 1965 both partners were bought out, and Claris and Leo were sole owners, specializing in quality black and white printing overnight, color developing and printing, quality cameras and lenses, and all products relating to commercial and hobby photography. Armed with his vast knowledge of photography and his keen sense for business, Leo grew his business through the years and established Leo’s Camera Shop as the quality leader in Klamath Falls.

Claris and Leo Morstad


Steve Spencer

In 1998, Leo passed his legacy on to his grandson Steve Spencer. Though the technology has changed the philosophy is still the same, helping customers take better pictures or images. Today Leo’s Camera Shop maintains the highest quality standards in all they do, specializing in quality digital photofinishing, enlargements, high quality cameras and lenses, digital camera accessories, and all products for the photography hobbyist.

At PMA 2009 Leo and I were honored to become part of PMA History when the winner of a national student video contest Tim Hussin, featured Leo in his video interpretation of PMA. Here’s the video.